From trash to treasure

dadvelopment | 31.08.2006 | Lesedauer: 2 Minuten

Ich hab eben bei Sara dieses wunderbare Gedicht gefunden.

From trash to treasure

My life

has been trash

pile of broken glass

cutting my dreams and hopes in pieces

existing without feelings

or just drown in agony

I lost sight of the way


Built my own world

with walls to protect

and masks to act

never-ending winter

of my broken souls


to go in circles

death dance...

After years

my life was a scene of destruction

clearing away the wreckage

brought only new deathly pieces

lost lifetime

no place to hide

'cause you can't escape

the shadows of yesterday...

On the battlefield of love and death

I was sitting on the ground

crying my very last cry

my last chance

last hope


I cried to God again

and he embraced me...

Powerful moment

of silent love



not forgotten

just beloved in all of my brokeness

hold together by his hug

home again...

For the first time

I stood up

and decided to live

to hope

to trust

to fight

reconquer my laughter

and all my looted treasures...

I took your hand

and we walked over the stones

of fallen buildings

old lies

deep fears

step by step

as long as it took to get over

and you have always been there with me...

And we're still walking

sometimes I'm too fast and forget

to rest and stay in your arms

to see what is done

but sometimes

you paint me a rainbow on my heaven

to remember that you will always be there

with me forever

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